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Goodbye, Gyeongin Gyodae

After my last class as a TESOL trainer, my students took me to VIPS for lunch. If you aren’t in Korea, it’s a “Western-style” buffet– a table of salad fixings and a counter… Continue reading

KOTESOL Seoul Chapter Annual Conference

For some reason, March is conference season in KOTESOL. Earlier in the month, I traveled down to Gwangju to present at their conference. Two weeks later, I gave about 90% of the same… Continue reading

Don’t Call Me Jennifer Professor

One reason I’ve gotten so far behind with my posts is that I’ve changed jobs. Toward the end of last year, we started having weekly meetings at school, and at each one, we… Continue reading


It’s been a busy week at school. We had the semester two mid-terms yesterday and tomorrow is a biannual performance. That’s right. Tomorrow. Saturday. I guess the silver lining is I’ll have time… Continue reading

Footloose and KOTESOL-free

So, the annual international conference was this past weekend, and I think it was a pretty good success. The attendees seemed happy, anyway. I had a good group of volunteers, so I was… Continue reading


It’s October, time for the annual KOTESOL International Conference. In 2005, I agreed to be the Student Volunteer Coordinator, which involved scheduling and supervising over 100 student volunteers over the weekend of the… Continue reading