It’s October, time for the annual KOTESOL International Conference. In 2005, I agreed to be the Student Volunteer Coordinator, which involved scheduling and supervising over 100 student volunteers over the weekend of the conference. Since that year, I have periodically decided that I would enjoy actually attending the conference. You know, get some professional development, renewed motivation, see what kind of research is coming out, etc. etc. etc.

My plan is then thwarted by a midnight call the night before the conference asking if I can help out for “just a little while.” This year, the call came a week in advance and I’ve been assured that I’ll get to see Stephen Krashen, but we’ll see. I’m also supposed to interview Setsuko Toyama co-author of English Time, a series I used ages ago when I used to teach lower-level students. So, sometime between now (Friday) and this weekend, I’ll need to prepare for that.

I also need to prepare for the Annual Business Meeting– the big meeting for all members at the end of the conference. I stuck to my guns and did not stand again for secretary, so this meeting will be my final official duty. Unfortunately, no one else ran, so if I’m asked, I’ll probably end up filling in until someone is found.

All in all, it should be a tiring weekend which may or may not include some quality professional development, despite having the best line-up in years. Managing student volunteers has always ended up being a full-time job, even though you just have to make sure they are in their assigned areas. It’s like herding cats. This sounds pretty whingey, I know, but I was so looking forward to this conference. At least I know that at the end of it, I will no longer be secretary… And Craig got back in town last night with two big boxes of chocolates. So, I at least know Saturday and Sunday nights I’ll be able to go home, whinge to him, eat some chocolates, and take a nice long bath. 🙂