It’s been a busy week at school. We had the semester two mid-terms yesterday and tomorrow is a biannual performance. That’s right. Tomorrow. Saturday. I guess the silver lining is I’ll have time set aside to mark all of the 15-page exams. We have to correct them, even though the Korean teachers just mark the answers wrong and have the kids correct them together. But I digress.

Since my weekend was ruined by a full day of (unpaid) work, I decided to finally organize some drivers and a truck, and I’ll be moving on Sunday. Over the past few months, I’ve been slowly taking stuff to Craig’s, but I’ll probably need to spend several hours at my old place after the performance to get everything ready for the movers.

So, I’m not overly excited about today being Friday, since I won’t really have a weekend, anyway. Then, to really get my morning off to a great start, a woman got on the bus today and apparently needed to stand in my EXACT spot. Without preamble, she walked up, grabbed me with both hands and moved me, so she could stand there. Whatever, it wasn’t really crowded. Well, she was only on the bus for one stop, so as soon as the she pushed the buzzer, rather than go around me or let me know she couldn’t be bothered to go behind me, she pushed me out of the way to get to the door while the bus was still moving. It’s incidents like this that make me assume there is a lot that is not reported whenever there is some “random, unprovoked” foreigner rage incident.

So, Happy Friday. Hopefully, it’s all downhill from here. Thank you for your listening reading.