Sock Wars 2006

Bring it on! I just joined yarnmonkey’s sock wars and I can’t wait to get started. I live on the other side of the universe from most of the participants (I’m guessing there… Continue reading

Today’s tip: Never ask a drunken GI for help with your signage

I went shopping in Itaewon (aka “the foreign area”) and saw not one but two new signs which showed the distinct signs of “help” of the free kind from someone with no vested… Continue reading

I have a new favorite toe

No, not a digit, a sock toe technique. I only knit toe-up socks and I was intrigued by the magic cast on used for the Widdershins sock in the summer Knitty, but I… Continue reading

Back and better than ever

Wow! It’s been weeks since I’ve even thought about posting. The summer intensive session turned into a five week marathon even more than usual. Or maybe I just repress the memory of them… Continue reading

How a cold can cost $100

Just go to the emergency room on a national holiday for a sore throat. In my defense, it’s a really bad sore throat. I haven’t been able to talk for two days or… Continue reading

Crazy from the heat

Well it’s about a quadrillion degrees here in sunny S Korea. On the upside, the monsoon season is over after a two week extension, for maximum loss of life (fortunately, no one I… Continue reading

No Mama

My mother couldn’t get a flight. She can fly for nearly free, but it’s standby and she didn’t get a seat. So, I went to the conference alone. It was great- ten hours… Continue reading

Busy, busy, busy everyday

I have been so busy this entire weekend. I’ve been knee deep in homework. Fortunately, the school actually picked some good books. Just. So. Many. Of course, I still managed to knit two… Continue reading

I’ve got mail!

Look what the postman brought me:Just kidding. A mere one week shy of three months after I ordered a kilo of sock yarn from Germany, it arrived in a most battered and beaten… Continue reading


Woohoo! Today is the last day of the semester! Of course, summer school starts Monday, so it doesn’t feel like a real ending. On the upside, today will be pretty slack, just finishing… Continue reading