And the hits just keep on coming. An addendum to "Why lament?"

After staying up way too late doing my homework (the “book” not the progress reports or mountain of essays, all of which are due Friday), I woke up not so refreshed this morning,… Continue reading

Why lament?

As it turns out, I was more foolish than I realized to have so frivolously frittered away the long weekend. When I got to school today, I got a note asking if I… Continue reading

Third time lucky

In leiu of completing my chapter book prep and progress reports, I dyed the second batch of that crap baby blue yarn. WTF? I did the same thing that did not work the… Continue reading

First time out the gate… We have a winner!

I knit up a little something yesterday with my very first skein of hand dyed yarn and here’s a little peek:A little out of focus, but check out those stripes! There is about… Continue reading

I hand painted yarn!

I realized one reason I have a sizable stash but no compunction about buying more yarn is that most of my stash sucks. So, I took a ball of beige sock yarn and… Continue reading

She’s back!

Not my mom, Brenda Dayne! Series 3! Oh, happy day! (Yeah, I said it.) Should I go to work and finish preparing for the teacher’s workshop I’m giving today? Should I work on… Continue reading

My Mama’s Coming!!!

In exactly two weeks, I will be having dinner with my mother, fondling the wooly goodness she is bringing me. My shipment of Helen’s Laces, etc. is in her possession. Unfortunately, knitpicks was… Continue reading

Wherefore art thou, Brenda Dayne?

Okay, I know where she is, taking a well-deserved break, but I’m ready for series 3. I am suffering from CastOn withdrawal in a bad way. I am so in love with podcasts.… Continue reading

The last person anywhere on the planet to get a blog

Yes, that’s me. I’ve had to think about it for a few years and now, in the fullness of time, here it is. Well, I don’t really have anything to say. It’s Sunday… Continue reading