Esk Valley Walk Part One

A few days after arriving back in England, officially homeless and unemployed, we headed off to the Fox and Hounds. Despite the owner’s lack of imagination in terms of names, the room was… Continue reading

Taean Haebyeongil

Ever since the “gils” had become a thing, I had wanted to hike the Haebyeongil—the Taean Coastal Walk. It’s a bit out of the way, on the west coast. So, it kept getting… Continue reading

Juwangsan National Park

Way back in April, Craig and I were on a mission to check off all of the national parks in Korea before his contract ended. Juwangsan was the last on the list, mainly… Continue reading


Craig and I took the bus to Jinbu, a small town in Gangwondo. He skipped out of work a bit early, so we could get out of town before rush hour. We arrived… Continue reading

What I Did on My Spring Vacation

Part 2 of the vacation: The Family began in New Orleans with one of my brothers and his wife. Craig, naturally, wanted to check out the local sports, and Jeff was kind enough… Continue reading

The Grand Canyon

One day in Vegas was enough for us, even though we spent 90% of that day in Red Rocks or sleeping. So, when we woke up, we packed our stuff and hit the… Continue reading

Vegas, Baby!

This post is about a month overdue, but time seems to fly when you are unemployed a lady of leisure. Just over a month ago, I finally took Craig to meet the family.… Continue reading

Woraksan: That Which Doesn’t Kill You…

Now that Craig and I (seem to) have a departure date, the pressure is on to get to the final few national parks. Woraksan is the fourteenth of fifteen, so we should be… Continue reading

Udo Olle Trail

We somehow managed to get a late flight out of Jeju which left us with the entire day to enjoy. The hike up Halla hadn’t been too taxing, so this ended up being… Continue reading


It turns out the fourth time is the charm. Craig and I have been to Jeju three times before, but have bypassed Halla in favor of the Olle Trail on the past trips.… Continue reading