Gardening Fail

Several months ago, it occured to us that Casa Smith Young has a large enough balcony to enjoy in the summer time. In preparation for that, we planted a little indoor garden which we… Continue reading

DIY Pore Strips Gone Wrong

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen the DIY pore strips pin being repinned about a thousand times. I was one of those repinners. I’m kind of a sucker for homemade… Continue reading

Jeju Olle Trail Course 6

This past weekend, Craig and I went back to Jeju for the third (fourth?) time. Despite predictions of rain, the sun shone brightly fiercely, so we went straight from the airport to Soesogakk… Continue reading

Goodbye, Gyeongin Gyodae

After my last class as a TESOL trainer, my students took me to VIPS for lunch. If you aren’t in Korea, it’s a “Western-style” buffet– a table of salad fixings and a counter… Continue reading

Puppies, Kittens, and Sheep, Oh, My!

The rainy season continues. With that in mind, Craig had thought up a few rainy day activities, so we wouldn’t be shut up in the house all day. Since he knows my default… Continue reading

From Yeoksam to the Edge of Seoul

The rainy season is upon us, but we still like to get out and walk and/ or see a game (or two). So, with all of the above in mind, Craig and I… Continue reading

Craig’s Back From Holiday, So I’ve got Stuff to Blog About, also, the rainy season has started

It’s not that I don’t do anything while he’s away, it’s just that the stuff I do when left to my own devices isn’t the stuff that I care to recall at some… Continue reading

Return to Jungdo

This past weekend, Craig and I went back to Jungdo for a long-awaited tent camping excursion. Last fall, we were able to get a hut, but we’ve had a tent gathering dust and… Continue reading

Yesan: Soccer, Hiking, and Buddha’s Birthday

Craig finally got back from Oman. They held him over for a few days “in case something came up” which, of course, nothing did. I think they are trying to sneakily find ways… Continue reading

Morrissey Seoul AX Hall 6 May 2012

I just got back from seeing Morrissey. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of the audience was foreign. More surprisingly, the show actually began at 7:00 on the dot and we were in a… Continue reading