Jagalchi Fish Market and Busan Basketball

In January, I finally made it to a KOTESOL Seoul Chapter monthly workshop for the first time in ages. I really should clear my schedule more, since I’m the treasurer, but life more… Continue reading

Wonju and Chiaksan

On our first trip of the new year, Craig and I headed over to Wonju for some basketball and hiking. My favorite player, former Harlem Globetrotter, Shanghai, is now playing for Wonju. I… Continue reading

Home for the Holidays

Well, Craig’s home, anyway. I’ve been to England a few times now, but this was my first holiday season with Craig’s family. My family doesn’t do big Christmas mornings anymore. So, I wasn’t… Continue reading


One of the many wonderful things about Korea is that elections are national holidays. Since foreigners can’t vote, I just get an extra day off work with no guilt that I haven’t participated… Continue reading

Deogyusan: A Tale of Two Hikes

Deogyusan is a bit inconvenient to get to, requiring transferring trains at Daejeon, staying the night in Yeongdong (for an early start on Saturday) and then a bus to Muju followed by a… Continue reading


Wow, is this post long overdue. Craig and I hiked up Wolchulsan on 17 November. We took the train down to Busan late Friday night, as we like to do, in order to… Continue reading

Kiss Time Couple

A couple of weeks ago, we returned to Ulsan. We had been right at a year earlier, hiking without jackets on Saturday and huddled in the department store foyer on Sunday, waiting for… Continue reading

Foliage and Hiking in Naejangsan

  As seems usual, I’m about a month behind writing this. In late October, Seoul was looking like the league champions, but Jeonbuk still had a chance, especially at home. So, we went… Continue reading

It Seems Like Chuseok Was Just Yesterday

Life has gotten in the way a bit, so my little notes of things to blog about have been gathering dust. So, Chuseok was about two months ago now, and here I am,… Continue reading

Home Away From Home

We didn’t spend our entire visit hiking and gallavanting around. Bookending our various destinations with pit stops in Stockton gave us some time with his family. So, I finally got to see the new… Continue reading