What I Did on My Spring Vacation

Part 2 of the vacation: The Family began in New Orleans with one of my brothers and his wife. Craig, naturally, wanted to check out the local sports, and Jeff was kind enough to hook us up with some excellent seats at a Hornets game. We spent about an hour standing outside the arena catching up after the game, then walked back to our hotel. New Orleans kind of scares me, especially after living in Korea for so long, but our hotel was only a few blocks away, so I would have felt stupid taking a cab.

The next day, we drove to my dad’s house in Mississippi and spent a few days relaxing there. It was Spring Break week, so my sister brought her kids one night and we went to Vicksburg to the War Memorial the next day. Craig and I had been hoping to walk around, but in ‘Murica people don’t walk– the entire tour is clearly set up only for driving. It was interesting, and Craig was able to learn about the Civil War, but we spent about six hours in the car that day. With three teenagers.

Walking my dad's dog in his "yard".

Walking my dad’s dog in his “yard”.

All too soon, our time was up there and we were off to Baton Rouge for the next round of Meet the Family. This part of the trip was much busier, seeing everyone and getting together for dinner/ mini-reception at Mama’s house. Craig only had two weeks off, so he went back to Korea, and I went on a road trip with my mom and two of my sisters to go see my aunt in Houston.

We had a great time! My aunt is really fun and I was finally able to meet the guy she’s been seeing for about ten years. For some reason, that seems to be the only other picture I have of the trip.

My twin, my aunt, and I.

My twin, my aunt, and I.

I’m planning to go back in the summer, so maybe I can remember to take a few more photos then…