Vegas, Baby!

Me and my old man. :-)

Me and my old man. 🙂

This post is about a month overdue, but time seems to fly when you are unemployed a lady of leisure. Just over a month ago, I finally took Craig to meet the family. On the way, we stopped in Las Vegas for a few days, mainly to get married, but also to see the Grand Canyon.

Craig and I first talked about getting married a few months ago, but it all seemed such a hassle: he would have to dig up 20-year-old divorce papers and I would have to try yet again to get an official death certificate from Australia. Fortunately for us, Craig has lots of free time at work and, with a little research, learned that LV has pretty much the slackest marriage laws in the world. If you ever wanted to be a polygamist, Vegas should be your venue of choice: no papers, no problem.

We went straight to the courthouse after checking in to our hotel, since it’s open until midnight. (Don’t these people realize they are government workers?) We passed the gauntlet of wedding chapel shills and filled out the paperwork in a couple of minutes. There was no one in line, so we were in and out in less than ten minutes.

We had planned on having an Elvis wedding, but neither Elvis got back in touch with us. So when we passed an open drive-thru on the way back to the hotel, Craig did a quick U-turn and, after a 20 minute wait while two other ceremonies were performed, we were married without having to get out of our car. While still wearing the clothes we had traveled over 24 hours in. I’m sure years from now, we’ll regret not having taken any photos of our wedding, but that will be because we will have forgotten how gross we looked.

After a long, hot shower, we celebrated our union at… Twin Peaks. Neither of us had heard of it, and I walked past three waitresses and the hostess thinking it was some kind of Northwest/ lumberjack thing. That is, until our waitress basically dumped her boobs on our table as she introduced herself. Oh, ok. Got it.

The waitstaff was clearly trained to be very friendly and chatty, which just made us feel awkward. We made the best of it by grilling her for ideas on what to do the next day, since we no longer had a wedding cluttering up the day. She suggested we go to Red Rocks, about 30 minutes outside of town.

We headed out early in the morning, and entered the park as the rangers were cleaning up the gate area. They kindly gave us some directions, but I don’t think you could really get lost. There were only a few roads, at least one of which was a circle. We drove around, stopping to hike here and there, nothing too strenuous. All in all, it was the best wedding day ever. 🙂

One of many Bee Hives at Red Rocks.

One of many Bee Hives at Red Rocks.

Some of the petroglyphs were older than others.

Some of the petroglyphs were older than others.