Kiss Time Couple

A couple of weeks ago, we returned to Ulsan. We had been right at a year earlier, hiking without jackets on Saturday and huddled in the department store foyer on Sunday, waiting for it to open so we could buy long johns, scarves, and gloves. This year, winter came a little earlier, so our bags were jam packed with fleeces and extra layers.

Craig was meeting some message board “friends” for a pair of soccer games.  Having been excused from the rest of the season, so I don’t die of hypothermia, I spent the day in Starbucks working on a presentation for a conference and adding to my “free” diary stamp collection. If you are interested in Ulsan soccer, Craig wrote up the games.

The highlight lowlight of my day was dinner. There was a sushi place next to our yeogwan, so I picked up a salmon roll for dinner to eat while I watched the season opener of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (don’t judge). I rarely eat rolls anymore, so I scraped off the mayo/ honey mustard “garnish” and dug right in. The first bite tasted a bit odd, so I dissected the next piece before eating. The offending ingredient was hidden between the crab and seaweed: PEANUT BUTTER. Fortunately, I don’t have an allergy. I do, however, have tastebuds. So, that was nearly $10 down the drain. Since it was on the inside of the seaweed, there was little point in trying to scrape it off. Oh, Korea, why must you take such wretched, wretched liberties with all cuisine not your own?

Craig didn’t eat with the guys after the game, so we went to Outback for cheese fries (me) and a steak (Craig). The cheese fries and ranch dip went a long way towards cheering me up, but I may be permanently scarred by that experience.

But I digress. The next day, it was sunny and mild– we sat outside at a coffee shop and I didn’t need my coat. Okay, I was wearing two layers of fleece, but still, it was easily the warmest day in a month. Unfortunately, the game of the day was basketball, so we could only enjoy a couple of hours of sunshine.

By the time we got to the stadium, the section we wanted to sit in was nearly sold out. So, we were in the corner. Fine by me– nobody was going to be climbing over us there. (The basketball stadiums are quite small, so the seats are all packed in so tightly, there isn’t enough room to edge past others and the aisles are too far apart.) Despite the tickets having been sold out, we were sitting alone in our little area for a good twenty minutes.

A camera man set up in front of us noticed us and asked us if we would be the kiss time couple in exchange for a pair of movie passes. We had always thought those were spontaneous, but I guess the surprised/ embarrassed looks are Hollywood action, as my kids would say.

Craig waited until after we kissed to take a photo.

I really like basketball– the court is small and there are few players, so I can keep up with who is doing what pretty easily. Korean basketball isn’t the best standard, but they have a few pretty good players who make it interesting. For Wonju Dongbu Promy, that player is Lee Seung-Jun aka Eric Sandrin aka Harlem Globetrotter Shanghai.

Another basket by Lee Seung-Jun.

For some reason, I didn’t take any notes, and it’s been two weeks, so I don’t really remember the game, other than that I enjoyed it. If you’re interested, you’ll have to read about it on Craig’s blog, once he writes it up. 🙂