Home Away From Home

We didn’t spend our entire visit hiking and gallavanting around. Bookending our various destinations with pit stops in Stockton gave us some time with his family. So, I finally got to see the new grandbaby, who is adorable.

Harry in his wading pool. In England, 22C is hot.

Isla! Notice I did not think it was hot out.

We took both of the kids to the petting zoo, as you do. A couple of days later, said petting zoo was in the news, because a work release convict escaped from while working there. Nice.

Harry had a look but don’t touch attitude toward the animals.

He definitely liked the tractors the most. I think Craig did, too.

The whole family got together for dinner our last night there– a perfect ending to another great trip. Unfortunately, Craig didn’t take any photos. Of course, I didn’t even take my camera, so I can’t really complain. Next time, I’ll take a bit more responsibility for the digital recording of family time.