Boo Hewerdine in Cambridge

We rolled into town too late in the afternoon to do any sightseeing, so we went straight to our hotel and had some dinner before the show. I’m calling it the Boo Hewerdine show, because that’s who we were there to see, but it was actually Edie Reader’s show, a benefit for a  children’s hospice held in a church. The irony of the evening (to us) was that he got her involved. He had been the original “Name”.

We sat through two opening acts before they came on together. One of them was good enough that I ordered his two CDs. We’ll see if I actually get them…

Anyway, Edie, Boo, and some other guy hit the “stage” and… it was a good show. Ish. Good-ish. Boo sang exactly one song. See? Irony. Edie sang a bunch of songs that he wrote (and plays better), but did not play her one big hit. Weird. Whatever. It was a fun night and were we so inclined, we could have given ourselves a big pat on the back for supporting a charity.

Here are a few songs Edie sang that Boo should have:

A guy from the BBC was there to record this one and record audience members’ stories of their personal connection to the song. If I had had a glass of wine, I may have told them how Craig wooed me with Boo Hewerdine songs and red wine, but fortified with only a Coke, I thought that might seem more than a little shallow in that particular crowd.

The one song he actually got to sing:

Edie Reader’s big hit that she forgot to perform. She probably got sidetracked by her lengthy reminiscences leading into each song. I’ll go out on alimb and suggest she didn’t sing it on Top of the Pops, either.