Norfolk Coast Path Day 4

After our near-marathon effort the day before, there were only six miles between us and the finish line in Hunstanton. Though both a bit the worse for wear, we were up and packing at 6:30 in the morning. As soon as we finished breakfast, we were on our way to Hunstanton. Despite our early start to the day, we arrived just after 9. It was fairly cold and dreary along the beach, but the free parking was already filling up when we arrived. With about ten seconds to spare, we snagged a spot adjacent to the bus stop.

We jumped on and rode back to Thornham. By the time we actually started hiking, it was windy, but beautiful and sunny. I know I may not have described it as such, but the weather was actually really nice most of the day every day we were in England. Anyway, about an hour along, we stopped in at the “White House”, Thornham Dunes Nature Reserve information center, for tea and coffee, purely to support their good work, of course. We lingered a bit (I was freezing), but still managed to finish the walk in about three hours.

The end is in sight.

This bit of the path was clearly popular with tourists, but the walkers we encountered rarely met us with the amiable greetings which seem to be typical of English hikers. I’ll just assume they were aberrations… Of course, it’s altogether possible my sample group is too small for generalizations.

The finish line!

We arrived in Hunstanton just in time for (everyone in town to go to) lunch. Neither of us were inclined to wait in line for fish and chips– we don’t queue for food, so we found a place with an empty table and had an utterly forgettable meal. (Mine was veg and cheese– how can that go wrong?!) Nominally fortified, we made our way to Cambridge for the Boo Hewerdine show.