Norfolk Coast Path Day3

Water! You’ll just have to imagine the cold wind.

We intended to walk 14 miles from Wells to Titchwell, but the weather was nice, so we decided to push on an extra 4 miles to Thornton, then walk back to Titchwell. Once again, the majority of the day was spent near, but not in sight of, the coast. The highlight of the day year (for me) was passing a gypsy caravan on a quiet country road. There was a bucket of water with dishes soaking out front and wash hanging on a line over the brook across the road.

We could hear voices coming from the caravan, but didn’t see any actual travelers. Craig reckons they must have been some sort of outcasts, because they normally travel in large groups and in nice caravans, not a lone moss-covered beater like we saw. I didn’t care. We don’t have Travelers in the US, at least not where I live, and I wanted to see one. Isn’t that the purpose of visiting new places? No? Just me? In that case, I guess I’ll have to settle for downloading My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Sadly, the excitement of our near-encouter with Travelers made me forget most of what else happened that day. We spent a lot of time walking along quiet country roads, as opposed to “coastal path” and there were some fairly long stretches of wooden paths over marshland. Because of the wind and our consistent resistance to learning from experience, we ended up with sunburns. Again. At least I didn’t already have peeling skin this time. It’s the little blessings you have to count.

When the “trail” (country road) crossed the highway our hotel was on, we headed towards home, tired but pretty pleased with ourselves. And, (I was) still giddy over the caravan sighting. I may be a bit obsessed, but it’s not my fault. All the gossip mags keep me up to date on the goings on of Paddy the Traveler, breakout star of the afore-linked Gypsy Wedding series. He didn’t have a wedding, he had some sort of memorial for his son which involved copious kissing of his tombstone, but that was enough to get him on a previous series of Celebrity Big Brother which also included a high-ranking politician’s wife. Have I mentioned that I love England? If American Celebrity Big Brother could get Sarah Palin, I would totally download every episode, even if I had to buy it from iTunes. Especially if there was also a gypsy in the house.

The local council has kindly provided a cement teepee for… um… I’m not really sure what purpose it could possibly serve.

I couldn’t find a clip of the memorial service, so here is a clip from Celebrity Big Brother.