Norfolk Coast Path Day 2

The neighboring campers’ kids made sure our overindulgence at the festival didn’t cause us to oversleep. After braving the unheated showers and fortified with a hot breakfast, we packed our 500 pounds of gear and made the short drive to Cley-Rhymes-with-Spy. We parked near the bus route and started walking in the drizzle. The rain was never too heavy, but it was fairly steady until we stopped for lunch.

The windmill at Cley-Next-the-Sea.

We stopped halfway for lunch in Blakeney, a cute little seaside town, which would have been even cuter if a) it weren’t a gray, drizzly day, and b) it weren’t full of tourists. We found a cute little cafe to have a (cute little) lunch out of the rain. It would have been cuter if a) the tables weren’t 3″ apart, and b) there had been three fewer crying babies. At least we got to eat what we wanted. The guy next to us sat down talking about how all he wanted was a cider (the alcoholic British kind), but ten minutes later, still talking about the forthcoming cider, when the waitress finally took his order, he was told the cake his wife was ordering wasn’t enough food to have alcohol served at their table. He was very nice, but clearly  pissed. I kind of wanted to pass him my empty plate, but I try to only be a crazy foreigner in Korea, where it’s expected.

The only photo of me from the entire trip in which I don’t look fat (something to do with lighting and angles, I’m sure…) Also, this was our view for most of the day.

The rest of the walk was more on and off rain. When we got to the harbor in Wells, we stopped for tea and cake (me, of course)/ coffee and a sausage roll (Craig) before winding our way through town to find the car. Note to self: take note of the street  name and perhaps a landmark when parking in an unfamiliar town. We found it in the end, probably only adding an extra two miles to our total for the day and drove to Titchwell, where we were staying the next two nights.

Water! Also, the end of our walk for the day.