Pinterest Round 3

They say the third time is the charm. My skin has healed after my DIY Pore Strip chemical peel, and I’ve accepted that it’s probably best that I don’t have a delicious cookie recipe that only takes 60 seconds to prepare. However, overnight single serve oatmeal could be just what I need for school days.

With that in mind, I put together the ingredients for “refrigerator oatmeal” currently pinned by 23,000 people. I didn’t have the correct ingredients on hand for any of the recipes, but I did have  brand new jar of blackberry jam. So I mixed 1/4c oatmeal, 1/3c skim milk, 1 85g tub of plain yogurt (regular, not Greek), and 2T blackberry jam. I am assuming it will be too liquidy because I didn’t use Greek yogurt or add chia seeds, but I’ll be able to see how much too liquidy and be able to adjust accordingly in the future.

The ingredients for refrigerator oatmeal.

All mixed and ready to go.

I tossed it in the fridge and for breakfast this morning, I had this:

Breakfast of champions.

I’m glad I didn’t reduce the liquid, as this really wasn’t as liquidy as it looks. It tastes good, but the texture will take some getting used to. I also forgot how much blackberry seeds bother me. I predict a lot of that jam will go to waste.

I don’t like to eat things that feel weird in my mouth, like mushy fruit… or gummy oatmeal. So, I think I’ll try to find some chia seeds and see how those are. Not to mention, chia seeds would greatly increase the protein. I may also try it with a scoop of fruit-flavored protein powder instead of jam. Real fruit is another option. 🙂 When tangerines are in season, I’ll have to try the orange recipe.

The final verdict: it has an odd texture, but it tastes good and is very filling. Since my schedule is front loaded– all of my classes are back-to-back starting with first period each day, I’ll definitely want to start each day with a breakfast that will keep me going until lunch. I think adding some more protein in will help with that, too. It looks like the third time was the charm for me with Pinterest.