Pinterest 60 Second Chocolate Chip Cookie Fail?

Craig is Oman for the next week, so I’m having a knitting friend/ former coworker over for dinner (lamb and roast veg, thanks for asking). You might think I would be doubting my ability to reproduce the myriad awesome things I find on Pinterest after my recent semi-failure, but ever intrepid, I decided the chocolate chip cookie for one seemed like a good dessert. It would be a sweet ending to the meal, and I wouldn’t be left with a lot of leftover cookies. As Craig keeps lovingly reminding me, we’ve each put on a few pounds in the last year.

The various websites I’ve seen show something like a cookie bar, but in a ramekin. Perfect. I’ve only got one 2-cup dish, so I was going to prepare one at a time. No problem, I could make one, carefully remove it from the dish, then make the second one. Well, I’m assuming the recipe assumes you will use all purpose flour and I must have used self-rising. Otherwise, I’m not sure how my result could be considered a) for one person or b) a cookie.

More a cake for two (or four) than a cookie for one.

Chocolate glaze to the rescue!

The finished “cake” with “icing”.

No problem. I can eat cake just as easily as cookies. I’m flexible that way. But… cake needs icing. Again, no problem. I consulted The Book of Google and found a simple recipe for a chocolate glaze. I could link it, but it’s two parts chocolate chips to one part butter. Melt and use as a glaze.

The results were… meh. The cake wasn’t as sweet or moist as I like my cake to be, and the glaze had an odd, kind of grainy texture. I will assume I didn’t do something correctly with the melting, or else I used dark chips, but I should have used milk chocolate. Who knows.

I’m not giving up on Pinterest and its porn of all kinds (food porn! craft porn! interior design porn! dream wedding porn! I live large…), but so far, my results have not matched my expectations.

On the other hand, I got to hang out with a former coworker I rarely see and we knit and ate lamb and roast veg and I am now on the cuff of a Zokni sock for my mother.