Gardening Fail

Several months ago, it occured to us that Casa Smith Young has a large enough balcony to enjoy in the summer time. In preparation for that, we planted a little indoor garden which we then took great care nurturing and watering and watching for each new sprout. And sprout it did.  Almost immediately, we were rewarded with catnip, carrots, beets, and potatoes. The spinach shriveled up and died straight away, but you can’t have everything.

Three months later, we were starting to get anxious, because our potatoes hadn’t flowered, and that’s supposed to be how you know they are ready to pull, according to “sources” (Google). So, I carefully removed the soil layer by layer, as though I were at an archaeological dig. I dug and dug and dug. Seriously, it took me about an hour. In the end, we had one potato. One. Almost as big as a marble.

The catnip? It grew, well, like a weed. However, not all cats are affected by it, and ours is not.

The carrots and beets? They grew plenty of tops, but there were only the spindliest of roots under the surface.

Craig did a bit more research and it seems we planted the carrots and beets too haphazardly– we should have spaced the seeds farther apart and planted them more deeply. So, we have done just that. Hopefully, round two will go better, assuming it’s not too late in the year.

I’m not sure what happened with the potatoes, but they are cheap and plentiful here and we did get to enjoy watching the sprouts reach 3 feet or more high.

Oh, I couldn’t possibly eat all of that! Why don’t we share?