Morrissey Seoul AX Hall 6 May 2012

Morrissey, 6 May 2012. Sorry for the crap quality– blame my iPhone, we were actually quite close to the stage.

I just got back from seeing Morrissey. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of the audience was foreign. More surprisingly, the show actually began at 7:00 on the dot and we were in a cab by 8:30. That’s my kind of show! But I imagine I’m in the minority there. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of people missed part of the show expecting him to take the take at 7:30 or 8:00.

The pre-show scene was pretty typical of events we attend here: you queue up to pick up your pre-ordered tickets and the staff flips through stacks of envelopes of pre-printed tickets. As usual, there was a problem in line in front of us: a couple’s tickets were not there. There were only four people working, so it really could have slowed things down, but most people seemed to have been tailgating for a while before we arrived, so the lines were short.

What I don’t get about this system is why they pre-print the tickets. From experience at sporting events and the train station, I know that tickets print very quickly. Generally more quickly than a staffer can flip through one or more stacks of tickets looking for a specific envelop. Places like AX and Olympic Park hold enough events to splash out on a few ticket printers, surely…

Anyway, Morrissey. It was awesome! He played all of the songs I wanted to hear, and really only one that I wasn’t too impressed with. He played a few I hadn’t listened to since high school and it took me straight back to hanging out with Shannon and Tanya in our bedrooms, walls covered top to bottom with posters from our favorite “music magazines” (Smash Hits and Bop were pretty high on that list). Good times.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be back at AX for Noel Gallagher. As much as I’m looking forward to it, I think Morrissey has set the bar pretty high.