I am so over teaching adults. This has really been an experiment that has failed miserably. This morning, I received an email from work, basically about students complaining that:

a) They want to use a computer for their practica.

I offer them one at the beginning of each session. Do they think I’m lying? No, I imagine they just aren’t listening.

b) There is too much homework.

I had 101 classes with more homework than we give them. Seriously. 101 classes. I realize it is in a foreign language, but they are teachers of said language. Honestly, when a student tells me they couldn’t do an assignment, because their “English isn’t good enough”, it’s all I can do not to ask them why they presume to call themselves English teachers. I don’t believe you need to be a native speaker, or even have near-native fluency, to teach, but you should be able to write a five-paragraph report of what you are doing to improve your language skills.

c) They don’t want class to finish early.

Class has never finished early. If anything, we go over time. I really don’t know what they are smoking.

d) They want more demo lessons.

They see about one demo a week (every other theory lesson). Since the only way to do more demos would be to give them more homework (see item b), I have given them tours of websites and shown them how to do more effective google searches if they are looking for ideas. It has been reported back to me that they do not want to be shown where to get ideas, they want to have the ideas sourced and demonstrated by Stafford and myself (as long as it doesn’t mean they get more homework.)

I kind of want to smack them all in the face. In fact, I’m going to give notice today. Teaching kids isn’t all sunshine and roses, but at least their whining can be put down to them being kids.


Tomorrow, I’ll be sitting in the sun watching Jeonbuk at Incheon and Sunday’s hike will be followed by Morrissey’s show.

Yesterday, I applied for a job, and got an immediate reply that they had been meaning to get in touch with me about presenting at a training workshop. I’ve set up two workshops for later this month. Hopefully, that means I’m a shoo-in for the job… If not, I’ve got a couple of things in the pipeline, even taking a semester off to study for the TOPIK.

It’s a good life, but it will be a better life next semester.