Cheonan Double Header

Saturday afternoon found us in Cheonan to see two soccer games, one second division and one third. Someone had wisely decided that the two should be held at exactly the same time. Fortunately for us, they were held on adjacent fields. So, we moved at half time, but were still able to see one end of the other field, and get an idea of what was happening on the field by the noise of the crowd.

Speaking of crowds, they were pretty good for being lower level teams. We’ve certainly been to K-League games which didn’t have as many fans in attendance. The weather was windy, but sunny and warm(ish), and sunny and warm is really what I look for in a sporting event. So, I was happy. 🙂

Second Division: Cheonan City v Busan Transport

Cheonan's second division superfans.

Even the third division has "superfans" to cheer them on. One of these guys actually went step further and yelled advice at the players.

Of course, if you want to know about goals, you’ll have to read about the Cheonan City v Busan Transportation game and Cheonan FC v Gyeongju Citizen game on Craig’s blog. You may be able to guess how much more detail there is in his posts by the fact that he wrote two posts about the day.

After the game, we hopped on a train to Daegu to see some baseball the next day. I love spring!