Six Guitars

This past weekend was a busy one. It began Friday night in Seoul with a one-man performance called Six Guitars. I enjoyed it, but it had been billed as musical comedy, which it really wasn’t. It was more musical drama. The title refers to one guitar which Chase Padgett plays in the guise of six disparate characters. He is quite convincing, even as an elderly Black blues musician, but it wasn’t comedy. Or if it was, it was too subtle for me, and the rest of the rapt-but-not-laughing crowd.

All-in-all, probably the best part of the evening for me was eating my fill of steak and then some at Carne de Brasilia in Itaewon before the show, and hanging out with Joe after the show. He met us there, and afterwards, came home with us for a little impromptu slumber party. He and I rarely see each other in person, since we record the podcast over Skype, and he lives out of town.

In the morning, Craig made fried eggs, pork and apple sausages, and English bacon for breakfast. It was just what we needed for our slightly hungover, very sleep-deprived old bodies before we headed out to Cheonan to see two soccer games.