It’s April, so I should probably write about Christmas

Somehow in the backlog of posts about my trip home and the rapid succession of trips following my trip home which created a second backlog, I never posted about the Most Awesome Christmas Present Ever. EVER.

Over the summer, Craig came across a website selling surplus German Army sniper sleeping bags. I was immediately obsessed with having one of my own. We’ll just ignore the fact that I haven’t had any use for a sleeping bag since I stopped going to slumber parties.

We’ll also ignore the fact that Craig finds some really obscure stuff online, mainly because he works about 9 seconds a day. Not that I’m bitterly jealous. I’m sure when his employers are not Korean, he has to do some pretty high-pressure stuff, but here in The Land of the Morning Calm, his employers don’t want him to upset anyone by pointing out that they aren’t fulfilling a contract, which pretty much leaves him free to wander the innernets for hours at a time.

Anyway, it’s got arms (of course, the better for shooting with), a hood, and the bottom unzips below the knee (the better for chasing with). In other words, 100% awesome.

Need I say more?

Needless to say, this is still the Most Awesome Birthday Present EVER.