“Spring” Snow and a good hike

On Saturday, we planned to see two soccer games at two fields Craig hadn’t been to before, with some guys from a message board he posts on. We started at Yangwon, which is a little over an hour (and two subway transfers) from home. We got there just in time for the game, but had a bit of trouble finding the venue, despite its proximity to the subway station. Google Maps to the rescue. My phone told us where we were in relation to the venue, so a few minutes of moving around to orient ourselves and we were on our way.

No such luck for one of the other guys. He got straight in a cab from the station, because he didn’t know the way. He didn’t stop to think the driver may not know the way, either. He arrived about 20 minutes after us. Eventually, his driver admitted defeat and dropped him back at the station without collecting a fare. The grounds were on the same street as the station, technically even the same block, since there weren’t any crossroads.

Anyway, it was too cold to be outside watching a game. While we were walking to the grounds, I thought I saw snow, but Craig thought it was just pollution. I was right. It started snowing quite heavily during the match. None of it stuck, but it was too cold and windy to be fun. In the end, the only one of them who went to the second game was the guy who supported one of the teams.

Seoul Martyrs vs. Jungrang Chorus Mustang. I would have enjoyed them more with less wind and snow.

Craig and I headed home, but in the morning were right back out in the freezing wind, walking to the World Cup Stadium. We left home at 8:00AM, to be sure we made it there for the 3:00PM kick off. Hey, we never claim to be fast walkers. In sharp contrast to last summer, there were no flooded out bits requiring 30 minutes to detour around 100m of path. So, with about an hour to spare, we left the river and were rewarded almost instantly with a view of the stadium.

Reaching the stadium was another matter entirely. We were across about 10 lanes of traffic away from it. So, we had to walk nearly a kilometer past it to gt to the nearest intersection. From there, we were able to come up to the back side of it straightaway. Magic. And with 30 minutes to spare no less.  Unfortunately, by that time, my nose was running uncontrollably and I had had enough of freezing wind. So, I left Craig to it, and took the subway home after a brief visit to the Tesco’s/ Homeplus in the stadium.

Birds along the river-- it must be spring, even if it snowed the day before and the gale-force winds are freezing.

I’m sure it was an awesome game, but the only thing Craig had to say about it when he got home was how cold it was. If *he* thought it was miserably cold, then I’m surprised he doesn’t have frost bite. I probably would have died. So, good decision-making in that regard, but I should possibly have given a little more thought to starting our hiking season with a 20km + walk. By the time I got off the subway, I was already stiff. For the time being, I’m walking around like a little old lady.

Seoul World Cup Stadium! Walk finishee!