FA Cup opening round: Cheongju Jikji v Ajou University

Craig and I headed down to Cheongju for the first round of the FA Cup of third division teams versus university teams. For some reason, the uni teams are considered to be a higher standard than the third division, so AU were the favorites.

FA Cup round 1: Cheongju Jikji vs. Ajou U.

On Sunday morning, we wanted to go on a hike, since we haven’t done much walking yet this year. As it happens, there are two fortress walls in and around Cheongju. There was one way on the far end outside of town quite near where we saw the game on Saturday, and another about a 30 minute walk from our hotel room. I think you can guess which one we chose.

We chose poorly. We took our time, taking photos and enjoying the view. We even walked all the way back to our starting point. We were back just over one hour after arriving at the temple which marked the starting point. In its defense, it hasn’t been rebuilt, as many of the fortress walls have. Those which have been “renovated” have a jarring mix of natural stone and cement with lines drawn in to resemble stone. You know, that kind of stone that looks like cement that’s been grouted together? Yeah.

So, this one was in actual ruins, and the views were great, but it was an easy twenty minute stroll. As we walked down the hill back into town, everyone we passed had a very young child in tow, as though it were the de rigueur Sunday event for under threes. At least we weren’t out of breath, I guess.

Following the “hike”, Craig went to see Hanhwa take on Nexen in a preseason friendly. I had homework to do, so I sat that game out at the Starbucks. It’s still pretty cold for me, as well, so I wasn’t too upset that I had a reason not to attend. I met one of Craig’s football friends over the weekend, and he seemed to think I was playing some kind of long game pretending to like soccer for Craig’s benefit. In reality, I’m pretty open that I’m just there for the fresh air and company. So, he went to watch the game in the cold wind, and I did my homework.

You can't see the spires, but the bust was only a small portion of the grandeur of this yogwan.