Monthly Archive: March, 2012

FA Cup opening round: Cheongju Jikji v Ajou University

Craig and I headed down to Cheongju for the first round of the FA Cup of third division teams versus university teams. For some reason, the uni teams are considered to be a… Continue reading

“Spring” Snow and a good hike

On Saturday, we planned to see two soccer games at two fields Craig hadn’t been to before, with some guys from a message board he posts on. We started at Yangwon, which is… Continue reading

Duran Duran!!!!

Being ahem of a certain age, my first (imaginary) husbands were all members of Duran Duran. Unfortunately, my mother thought it important for me to sleep on school nights, so when they played… Continue reading

Bull Fight, Osuna , Spain

We were in Spain a little too early for the bullfighting season, which was fine with me, but Craig was keen to see some men in tight pants (I don’t judge.) In Seville,… Continue reading

Sierra Nevada and Seville, Spain

Between Granada and Seville lies Sierra Nevada. It was only about 30km outside of Granada, so it was our first stop along the way to Seville, several hours to the east. Getting up… Continue reading

Don’t Call Me Jennifer Professor

One reason I’ve gotten so far behind with my posts is that I’ve changed jobs. Toward the end of last year, we started having weekly meetings at school, and at each one, we… Continue reading

Granada, Spain

On 20 February, we left the drizzle and cold of England for sunny Spain. We flew on a packed Easy Jet flight out of Newcastle, and I’m pretty sure we were the only… Continue reading

England, Winter 2012

Wow! It’s been even longer than I realized since I’ve updated my blog. But I’ve got plenty of good excuses. For one, I’ve been traveling the globe. For another, I’ve just started a… Continue reading