Happy Valentine’s Day!

Craig is in Oman, so we exchanged gifts a few days ago. Once again showing what a thoughtful boyfriend he is, he gave me a pendant that he had seen my eyeing on our trip to England last summer. He also gave me another one, made of silver and jet, from Whitby. He also gave me some hiking shoes that are much nicer than the ones I buy for myself.

I gave him a poster.

Did I mention that I’m a lucky, lucky girl?

In other celebration news, today is the last day of school for the students. When they leave, I’m going to go sign a contract at a new school. Tomorrow, I’m going to immigration before coming back to school to clean out my classroom and attend the 6th grade graduation ceremony. Yes, that’s a real thing here.

At midnight tomorrow, I’m leaving for England. Craig is meeting me in Dubai for the second leg of the trip. We’re spending a week in England with his family, and another in Spain taveling around Andalusia.

I think that will make up for having to be alone on Valentine’s Day. 😀