Things I like about the US/ Wal-Mart

They are really the same thing, right?

In the past, shopping at Wal-mart was a major part of visits home. I could get socks, underwear, and other clothes not sold in my size in Korea. I could also get spices and non-perishable foods not sold in Korea.

Now, I’ve lost enough weight to fit Korean clothes, and most foods are either available in Korea now, or I just don’t miss them like I used to. I still like to stock up on socks and underwear, though. I find the Korean ones expensive, but cheaply made.

So, Wal-mart is no longer a shopping destination for me. However, the temperature has dipped suddenly and, as a result, I needed some slippers for the last few days of my visit home. And I wanted some Ghirardelli chocolate.

Wal-mart is a wonderful place, because it sells both. They also sell jeans, which I had unsuccessfully shopped for at the mall in Baton Rouge, so I looked over my options. Ummm… yeah. There was one pair small enough to fit me, but they were too long. In hindsight, I should have just gotten them, because I’ve got a lady who alters my pants for $3 a pair. But, my point is, one pair. One. They had racks and racks and racks of plus sized jeans in a variety of colors, styles, brands, etc. And one pair in my size. It’s like the opposite of my life in Korea.

So, that was my trip to Wal-mart. I got slippers and chocolate and a magazine, but no jeans, because in the weird world of McComb Wal-mart, I’m too small for their jeans.

I just wanted to make a record of this, because I’ve been too short to find anything that fit, but I’ve never, ever been too thin.