Jeonju! Wait… weren’t we just there?

It’s Craig and my last weekend together until I get back from the US mid-January. So, we headed down to Jeonju for the end of the soccer season. The weather has been getting colder, although it is still much warmer than last  year. In the end, I didn’t go to the game on Sunday, but we had a great hike up Daedunsan on Saturday.

Daedunsan is roughly halfway between Daejeon and Jeonju, but we were planning to go to the game on Sunday, so we took the KTX down there Friday night. Saturday morning, we went to the Inter City Bus Terminal and were able to get tickets for the bus departing three minutes later. That was quite a stroke of luck, because the next bus was three or four hours later.

The bus terminal in Daedunsan is at the foot of the mountain, so we just followed the road up to the path. It had rained all night Friday, and it’s one of those paths that’s really all steps, so the stones were covered with mud and quite slippery in places. I knew it was really slippery, because I heard Koreans complaining about it. Usually, I feel like a 90-year-old with a bad hip as I watch Koreans dart past me on the hills.

You really, really can't get lost.

We picked up two roast quails for lunch. I think ten would have filled us up. Each.

It was a very well laid out path with a rather pointless circuit added in to justify a suspension bridge and suspension ladder. Both were basically outside the exit from the top of the cable car ride, so I suspect that portion was added at about the same time as the cable car ride.

the cable car

At any rate, it was a nice climb up to the top, if a steeper grade than we usually go for. It wasn’t a high hill, so it only took us a few hours. For the third hiking trip in a row, we were denied a view because of fog, though. This time, we didn’t even bother to  take a photo at the top.

It's really a lot higher than it looks.

Don't look down.

We decided to go back in the spring and take a different path to a nearby cave, so we can see if the views were as dramatic as I think they must be. At any rate, it was a fine finish to our hiking for the year. The next chance we’ll get to hike will either be in Taipei for Lunar New Year, or Spain during our February vacation.

Sunday, the weather was nice, and the amateur competition we had seen a few weeks earlier ran one week late, because of the canceled game that day, so we were able to catch half a game. I realized, though, that sitting outside for two hours would be too uncomfortable. So, I caught a bus home after putting Craig in a taxi to get to the World Cup Stadium. I had a great weekend away, and got back in time to get my laundry and some housework done while I watched a few episodes of the latest season of Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Craig doesn’t appreciate mindless, crappy TV, so I try to spare him. 🙂

It really wasn't that different from the majors.