Crazy Bus Lady Strikes Again (and I saw Mogwai last night)

A few weeks ago, I had an unpleasant bus experience with a crazy lady who, despite only riding the bus one stop, NEEDED to be in MY EXACT SPOT. You can read about it here, if you’re so inclined. This morning, we rode the bus together again. Once again, it was not even close to being a full bus. Once again, she forcibly moved the person (a high school girl this time) out of the way of HER SPOT and then pushed the same person out of the way to get off the bus faster at the next stop. Her new move today was to slam the girl out of the way so hard, the girl’s head hit and ricocheted off the pole she was holding on to. Nice-uh.

On the one hand, I’m glad it wasn’t some personal anti-foreigner thing. Today, I was sitting near the door she wanted to stand in front of, and could see that she grabbed and moved the student without preamble, just like she had done to me. On the other hand, this is obviously her habitual practice, which begs the question: if she is moving a person, why would she move them into a spot where they will be in her way in the very, very near future? I am, of course, ignoring the question of why it is so important for her to stand in that one exact spot, because I’m assuming she’s crazy. I’m also ignoring the question of why anyone would wait for a bus only to ride approximately 100m. Seriously, you’re fit and strong enough to move a full-sized human being where you want them, but you can’t walk 100m?

Yes, these are the things that occupy my mind. If I were able to just ignore The General Public and their idiosyncracies, I could probably cure cancer with all the brain power that would be freed up. I went and saw Mogwai last night and, while I enjoyed the show, I’m not inclined to write about it. In fact, it’s only just occured to me as I was typing up this post that it might be something to write about. However, as soon as I saw Crazy Bus Lady in action, I started mentally drafting this post.