Party All the Time

Usually, Craig and I head out of town on Friday nights and don’t return until Sunday evening. This weekend not only saw us in the city, but attending not one, but two parties. It was some kind of socializing record for us.

Friday night, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my coworkers. We had a full turkey spread, thanks to a teacher with a military friend. Everyone also brought a potluck  Thanksgiving contribution, so we also had green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and the other usual suspects which made it all feel like home. After dinner, the boys (and a few girls) retired to the drawing room office for cigars. It was all very nice. No one got too drunk, and there were no fights. Although one may have been narrowly averted, when a plus one asked me if I was 47. Since I’m the same age as the guy he was with, I’m pretty sure he was just being an ass because for some reason he thinks that’s the way to behave around a bunch of strangers. Anyway, it was an otherwise lovely evening, to the extent that Craig has decided that we should entertain more often.

The next day, we went to Joe‘s daughter’s first birthday party. We had only intended to make a brief appearance, but again, we had more fun than we anticipated, so we ended up staying until the very end. Granted, that was only about 10PM, but we had been there since 4 or so. Unsurprisingly, Joe had laid out an amazing spread. We ate until we were stuffed, then as soon as physically possible, we ate some more. I hadn’t met his baby yet, and hadn’t seen his wife since their wedding day, so that was fun, too.

Yesterday, I woke up to a gray day and decided that was a sign that I should stay home and knit. Craig went to the Korea- Saudi Under 18s game at the World Cup Stadium and I didn’t even get dressed all day. It was wonderful. 🙂 I chose some ridiculously thick yarn that has been marinating in my stash for a few (five? six?) years now, and cast on enough stitches to fit around my hips and went to town with some stockinette. I now have about a dozen more rows before I divide for the arms. I should have a sweater by the end of the week.

I have been working on another sweater with the one yarn purchase I made in England this past summer. However, when I finished it, my bind off was too tight. Unfortunately, I had decided to reduce the number of ends I’d have to weave in by binding off the bottom edge, then picking up the button band stitches without cutting the yarn. So, I had to rip out the button band to get to the bottom bind off. By the time I ripped all that out, I decided that I wasn’t happy with it as a cardigan, anyway. So, I’m ripping it back to where the left and right sides should be joined to make it a pullover. It is in time out until I can bear to face it.

Craig doesn’t understand FO time out. I have several bolero/ small cardis that I made in the summer that need minor finishing: buttons, crochet edge. etc. Nothing that will take more than an afternoon, but they are all in my closet in time out right now, because there is always a new project which is more fun than the fiddly bits necessary for finishing. Anyway, it’s way too cold for boleros right now, so there is no rush.

Now that the weather is colder, I’m full of knitting plans. I’ve found a bunch of cute baby hats for Harry and his brother or sister. Craig doesn’t think Soph would be too keen  on her son wearing a dinosaur hat or one made to look like coral coming out of his head. I even found a hat with a matching dog pattern, so Harry and Moe the pug could dress alike. I suppose I’ll just have to make something boring…