Monthly Archive: November, 2011

Party All the Time

Usually, Craig and I head out of town on Friday nights and don’t return until Sunday evening. This weekend not only saw us in the city, but attending not one, but two parties.… Continue reading

Weekend in Seoul

This past weekend, Craig had to fly out for his monthly meeting in Oman. He managed to get out of the meetings for over a year, but now it looks like it will… Continue reading

Weekend in Ulsan

Another weekend, another train journey. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it. The Korean soccer second division playoffs were this weekend, Goyang at Ulsan, so we headed down Saturday night… Continue reading

Deep-Fried Mars Bars,… er, Pan-Fried Snickers Bars

Ever since I tried deep-fried Mars bars in Hong Kong, I’ve been trying to figure out how to recreate the experince at home. There are two problems with this scenario. One, I always… Continue reading

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m at Work, But I’m Still Thankful

One of my friends (okay, I’m using that more in the FB sense, but I’ve at least been to her house several times) posted this recently, and it got me thinking about what… Continue reading

Happy Monday

No, really. The day didn’t start off that well– I didn’t hear my alarm, so I woke up at 6:36. That’s six minutes after I usually leave the house. BUT, today was New… Continue reading

Weekend in Jeonju

And what a weekend it was. Craig is a pretty good activity planner. I pretty much just have to show up, because he plans fun stuff for us to do. That’s really the… Continue reading