Moving Day

Back at the end of May, Craig asked me to move in with him, which I pretty much did right away. My rent is dirt cheap and the lease wasn’t out until October, so I didn’t worry about moving all of my stuff. Well, October has come and gone, and my stuff is still there. I guess this says a few things about me: I can procrastinate like a champ and I may be a low-level hoarder.

As I mentioned in my last post, Saturday was an all-day work event, so I decided to get a mover for Sunday, since my weekend was already ruined. I was supposed to move my boxes of stuff and my TV and desk. Well, as usual, I misjudged just how much crap I have, so I didn’t have them bring my TV or books. Those will wait two weeks until round 2. In the meantime, I will decide which of those books I really can’t live without. I imagine that that will happen about thirteen days from now, despite my current plans to be proactive…

I sincerely hate moving. I know some people who move every year or so, just because they like the change. I think I would rather lick the subway floor than move that often. Actually, I would just about rather lick the floor than move ever.

A couple of moves ago, Stafford gave me some good advice which I’ve employed to a certain extent: start at one corner of the room and deal with each thing methodically. Don’t move out of order and don’t go back. He gave me this advice as his head was about to explode watching me pack. To be honest, I was much better at doing following his advice while he was glaring at me and yelling, “NO! NO GOING BACK!” It was the fastest I have ever packed in my life.

Now, Craig keeps asking if he can help, but I don’t think I’m ready for him to see just how completely disorganized and scattered I can be. And I don’t want to see his head about to explode. We have to keep a little mystery in the relationship. 🙂

So, now I have about a dozen storage bins full of stuff that I haven’t needed for the past four months (or possibly, four years), but when I open the bins to see what’s inside, I always think I need it. All of it. Someday very soon it will come in handy. I really think I have the soul of a Depression survivor. So, my current plan is to go through each bin and reduce the numberof storage containers by half by the end of the year. I should be able to do that…