Galtres Festival 2011

We had one last stop to make on our whirlwind tour of Merry Olde England, and that was the Galtres Festival to see British Sea Power, another of the bands whose music Craig has introduced me to. We headed to the village of Crayke in Yorkshire the afternoon of the performance, giving ourselves enough time to check into the hotel, eat, and walk down to the festival site.

Sometime that afternoon, it started raining, and it really didn’t stop. Fortunately for me, we were only there to see BSP. I have issues with mud in general and being muddy in particular. I knew I would not be a happy camper when the hotel employee told us that cars were being towed IN to the festival camping area because it was already that muddy several hours before we went. The area leading into the festival wasn’t horrible, for walking, but as soon as we got in, we were slogging through mud deep enough to cover our shoes with each step. Yuck!

I had brought my poncho, so we spread that on a hay bale and sat in front of the stage, drinkless. Craig had bought drink tickets on the way in, but the map of the venue failed to note that the closest vendor to the stage was not at all close. I would have needed to have been dying of thirst to try to walk while carrying a drink in that mud, and Craig wasn’t inclined to make the trek back, either.

We didn’t have to wait long before the show began, and it was good. They played the songs I knew, anyway. The temperature was steadily dropping and Craig was holding an umbrella over us the whole time, so when they got to their usual closing song, we cleared off. He had been asking if I needed to go since about the second song, because I was shivering, but I was determined to get enough out of that show to make the trek in there worthwhile! He did get a million boyfriend brownie points for being willing to leave a show he had been looking forward to for months because I was cold.

We were actually quite close-- the rain must have distorted the photo.

We headed back to our hotel, The Durham Ox, which we both wished we had more time to enjoy. We had a huge bedroom with two sofas and a king-size bed and a kitchen. There was even an honor bar stocked with liquor– full-sized bottles: you wrote down how many shots’ worth you drank. We didn’t partake, but we did enjoy the chocolates that had been left with the coffee and tea.

My real kitchen isn't this nice.

My real living room and bedroom furniture aren't this nice, either.

The only thing we DIDN’T enjoy was the hot water. It went off while I was taking a shower, leaving me to rinse my hair in freezing cold water. The next morning, it still wasn’t working when Craig tried to take a shower– he returned to Korea without having bathed in about two full days. When we came in from the festival, we took our shoes off at the door, but the rest of us was muddy enough, that we still got mud all over the beige carpet and in the bathroom. So, I made a point of mentioning the shower to the owner the next morning. You know, so they wouldn’t complain too much about that. She ended up taking £50 off our bill.

That didn’t help Craig get a shower, because it was time for us to head back to Teesside for some quick goodbyes before flying out back to Korea.

I should only speak for myself, but I feel pretty safe saying a good time was had by all. Craig wants to continue to work overseas, and the weather really is too cold for me, but I think I would be pretty happy living just about anywhere we visited over the two weeks we were there. I can’t wait to go back!