Happy St. Pat’s er… PTA Meeting Day

Well, they’ve got the same letters, so they should be equally fun, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. Apparently, my homework load has been getting complaints. So far, I’ve given out 10-15 minutes per day, plus one to three writing paragraphs for chatting in Korean or talking louder than me when I’m speaking to the class. Cry me a river. I doubt any kid has had a full hour of homework yet.

How little homework should I be giving? Under ten minutes a day? Under five? Maybe that’s why these kids have gone to an immersion school for four years and still can’t write a sentence with a subject AND a verb. We won’t even talk about articles, because that’s a pipe dream.

Seriously, my new job is awesome, but these kids need serious work on their English and osmosis has pretty well been discounted as a way to learn. I’m pretty much living proof– I’ve lived in Korea for over ten years, but I speak English at school all day, then come home to my English Batcave, and my Korean still sucks. If I were paying big bucks to someone to improve my Korean, I’d be pretty angry at the return on my investment.