Monthly Archive: February, 2010

Don’t Miscarry in Utah

I clicked on the link to this article, because I think that a lot of students kind of fart around and mark time for their senior year, and the kids that need to… Continue reading

The End Draws Nigh (as does a new beginning)

Tomorrow is my last working day off of work, if that makes sense. I’ve been to my new school several times to clean up and moderately decorate my new classroom. OK, thus far… Continue reading

Laundry Time

So, as I may have mentioned, my month off of work has been rather slothful. My cat is making a silent, but pointed, statement about the laundry pile on the floor. He has… Continue reading

I am Legal!!

I went to immigration today and picked up my brand spanking new ID card. Once again, I was hit with the realization that it’s not Korean Immi in general, it is specifically the… Continue reading

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

As usual, way too long since my last post. I finished up at Elite at the end of January and am halfway through my vacation. Today, after sweating for months when my FBI… Continue reading