Best Birthday Present Update

Karl arrived in Korea earlier this week, but my boss doesn’t recognize that as a reason to miss work, so I just got to see him last night. He, Stafford, and I met at his hotel, where he had booked a meeting room, and we taped a special In the Bag about the changes that he’s noticed in Korea in the 15 months (!) since he moved back to Canada. This being Korea, we recorded for over an hour.
He also brought me the much-anticipated T-shirt!!! Stafford took all the photos in this post, because, as usual, I forgot my camera. It is even better than I had thought it would be. 🙂 The only thing I would do to make it the most perfect shirt ever made would be to add some glitter or rhinestones on the Junior Miss Thug Life lettering. I honestly don’t think I’ll wear it out of the house, since the image of the naked woman on all fours is pretty big, but I’ll love wearing it in the privacy of my home. 🙂

After we finished recording, Joe showed up, so we had some dinner (it was about 10 at that point) and all caught up. Joe and I missed the buses/subways out of town, so we had a slumber party at Stafford’s house. I can vouch for the fact that he has the least comfortable couch for sleeping in the world– I lasted four hours and it took my knees an hour or so to regain full feeling. Joe must have had an equally comfy spot on the floor, because he also lasted just four hours before he got up and went home. Looking at the photo, if I’d realized how thin the shirt was, I may not have worn it for pajamas at the slumber party… or at least would have kept my bra on. Well, at least I wasn’t wearing a transparent shirt at church. Again.

Hopefully, Karl won’t be too busy to get together one more time before he heads out…
Yesterday, I made my annual trip to immigration. Usually, it’s a blood-pressure raising event that helps me understand people opening fire in a government building. Yesterday, they redeemed themselves.

Okay, so I went on the last day possible, because my school kept forgetting to gather the documents and confirm whether I needed a new criminal record check and/ or drug test (I did not). So, here I am, Friday before SAT classes start and I’ll have no time to go.

I needed three documents with my ending date and official school stamp. I did not check these docs before I packed them up to go. One was dated 20 June 2008, one 31 June 2010, and one had the correct day: 31 Dec 2009. The guy looks at the docs, and informs me politely that 2008 has passed and FYI there are only thirty days in June. He didn’t even notice the third one, so I just went along with 30 June as the ending date. Someone in the back noticed it, though, so he changed it to the correct day. 🙂

Oh, my contract, the one document with the correct date, consists of the school letterhead, the start and end dates, my name and the director’s name. The end. I’ve worked there so long, that’s all we do. He was pretty unimpressed, but I just told him that I’ve been there a long time, so we don’t do detailed contracts and they pulled an old document out of my file, so it was outdated, and that was good enough for him. Try that at a US Immigration office…