Waiter! I’ll have a lukewarm broth and a water, hold the ice.

So, I finally had my dental appointment, after only three weeks of obsessing and mentally tallying the obscene amount of work I would need.

My director has a brother (or some kind of family) with a dental practice, so I went to see him. Foreigners don’t get the dental portion of the national health care, so I just wanted to go to a dentist that would let me have a payment plan other than cash up front. I guess that point was really stressed that when the appointment was made, because they gave me a 30% discount and let me know which procedures were emergency and which could be done “over time”. They were also very nice about my crap teeth and the unreasonable length of time since I last had them cared for.

So, today I got two crowns. I need four more, plus a couple regular fillings. You’re probably thinking, “Six crowns! Eek!” however, notice the lack of implants. Not only are the teeth I thought were goners in fact salvageable, I didn’t even lose part of a tooth (which started this whole thing). An old filling fell out, but it was a big filling, so it felt like I was missing some tooth.

I also got my teeth scaled, which is all the back of my lower front teeth needed– no Granny grill for me just yet.

In fact, the worst part of today was the warning that, until the permanent crowns are all in place, I am not to have:
1. hot foods
2. cold foods
3. sticky foods
4. hard foods

Ummmm…okay, warm yogurt it is.

While I was traveling to and from the dentist, I finished the first sock of my third pair using the Elann Espirit. The two I have finished are very comfy and the perfect height for the weather (just tall enough to peek out of my shoes). This pair is Phlox and African Violet. Sorry for the shadow, Knievel was making sure there were no escape attempts and he would not be moved from his post.