Take a hint, you useless SOB

Well, D-Day has come and gone. As you may have guessed from the title, he did not get on the plane. I got home from work to find an empty apartment (yay!). My excitement lasted exactly 2.3 seconds, until I turned on the lights and saw his bag, passport, and ticket. The only thing he took was the money I gave him.

It was only about $100, so I am guessing he will show up some time tomorrow with a “reason” why he couldn’t go.

So, my question is, at what point is the line crossed from “premeditated” to “justifiable”? I have bought him two plane tickets and (last time) given him thousands of dollars to leave me alone. What more will it take?

I don’t think calling the police would help, and I’m not sure he’s out of status. However, at this point, I think my only option will be to call immigration, regardless of whether or not I will incur the fine as a result.

Thanks for letting me vent.