Teacher, Today a Lobster Will Die

My students come out with some pretty amusing things, usually unintentional (“Teacher, I’m hard.”), but the title statement was one student’s way of letting me know it was his grandfather’s birthday. I wish you could hear the glee in his voice.

Once again, it has been very long since I’ve posted. I haven’t been getting much knitting done, at least not knitting that didn’t later get ripped.

Since I haven’t posted in so long, I’ve got a few photos. Here is one of the cherry blossoms in front of the Iksan Jewelry Center.

Here is another that I’ve been trying to get for a while. I have walked past it on various occasions while lost (and therefore, unable to go back with a camera). Finally, I walked past it while armed with my camera. It’s a Starbucks, if you can’t see the name.

This is a little blurry, because I took it while riding in a bus. How is that for fast thinking? Okay, we weren’t going that fast, because it was Sunday afternoon in downtown Seoul.


Last time I posted, I mentioned a uni job I was interested in. After much soul-searching, I decided that this really ought to be my last year in Korea. So, although I like the sound of Jennifer professor more than Jennifer teacher, taking a job with that university would be more of a commitment to staying here, since it would be used to get a better uni job.

What I did not mention last time, is that once again, I will soon be free. Again. Hopefully for good. I bought my husband another plane ticket, this one without a return, so he can’t “change his mind”. So, now I just have to count the hours until Friday night.

I’m moderately stressed that the flight boards right before I finish work, so I can’t put him on the shuttle bus to the airport. My other fear is that the school he walked out on canceled his visa (as I would have done, if he worked for me) and he will be out of status. The charge is about $100 per day and that was two months (or so) ago. I’m not sure when he really quit, because he stayed in hotels until he ran out of money.

I only found out what was going on when he injured himself and I got stuck with the emergency room bill, because Korea doesn’t recognize separations. So, if he is out of status, will they detain him and stick us (IE ME) with a bill for his overstay? Even if I don’t get charged the fine, he won’t know until he goes through immigration, the last step before boarding the plane. If it takes them too long to decide what to do with him, he could miss the plane.

I just have to get through the next 44 hours.