I know, it’s Thanksgiving, but in the fullness of time, here are a few pictures from my school’s Halloween festivities. My favorite students of course. Not that teachers have favorites.

First is Chris and a co-worker. He’s a dinosaur, if you can’t tell. If I were to give in to my urge to pinch his cute little cheeks whenever I wanted to, that child would leave my class bruised everyday.

Here are my most genius-est children. The girls are Disney characters and the boy is a witch of some kind (the spiderweb-caped and pumpkin-hatted kind). The one in the middle can get away with anything she wants, as long as she chicken dances for me. I don’t mean the Oktoberfest dance, but her own original imitation of what a chicken would look like if it could dance. Sounds effects included. She is quite possibly the cutest kid ever to exist.